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Comforting Someone Who Feels Alone

Finding Your Heart’s Desire in a Box

Discovering Hummingbird Joy

And Now, for Something You’ve Been Waiting for All Week – The Doodler by Tom Bloom

Your Favorite Childhood Toy

Coping with Loneliness

How Can We Best Deal with the Problem of Loneliness?

Playing Once Again with A Friend from Long Ago

What If You Had Your Own Pony to Talk With? What Would You Whisper to Each Other? 🐎

What If the Fortune-Cookie Writer Went Crazy?

What Is On the Other Side of the Happy Door?

Can You Really Require Someone to Make Something Beautiful?

Thinking of My Daughter, Talking About Fatherly Love

Creating Lyrics for the Music in Your Soul

Try Our New ‘Would You Say That?’ Feature

Indeed, What If We Could Carry Around a Spray to Repel Bad News?

Your Life Is Filled with Many Adventures – Some Bold, Some Timid, But All Worthy of Being Recounted in An Epic Poem of Your Own Making!

Waking Up to Life’s Real Meaning

Faces That Stopped Me in My Tracks; Do They Do That to You, Too?

You Want Sunshine, But It’s Raining; Can You Make Both Work for You?☀️☔️🌈

Making Comic Strips Empowers Youngsters to Communicate Their Worries – and Joys, Too!

The Prayer Women Look Like Beautiful Flowers

Comforting Words to Always Call Upon and (Ta Da!) Our New Poetry Contest

Comic-Making: A Powerful Tool To Aid Troubled Students

How to Get Rid of a Frown and Find a Smile

Finding Courage, Planting Dreams, Talking to Animals & Being Grateful – All in One Package

Becoming the Person You Were Meant to Be

I’ve Always Been in Love with Monarch Butterflies

What Would Your Safe Room Be Like?

Spoken from the Heart: ‘I Welcome Everyone As A Friend’

Some Colors for Blessed Saturday Morning

Create A Shockingly New Look for Spring!

What’s the Story About the Fox? Do We Have Here A New Urban Fairy Tale?

For Blessed Saturday Morning, Pause and Reflect for A Moment

Out Of Your Mind; Base Jumping from a Skyscraper

Dreaming the Person You Want to Be

Imagine Facing Your Worst Fears?

What If You Could Change Your Face into That of Another Animal?

It’s Amazing! They Can’t Stop Whispering Sweet Nothings to Each Other

Writer Visits a Graveyard and Finally Realizes How Precious Time Is and Must Be Used Well

Watching a Master Do His Beautiful Calligraphy

Out of Your Mind? This Can Be Good for You!

Please, Mr. Pig, Can We Also Share the Hat o’ Happiness?

TikTok and You at Your Funniest

Let’s Talk About Love!

For All the Master Doodlers Out There, Here’s Our Weekly Gift for You!

Some Beams of Sunshine for Your New Day

Being An Angel to Someone Who Needs One

For all the Big and Little Doodlers Out There, Come On Out!

Oh, Life, Oh, Wonderful Life, Such a Precious Gift

Celebrating Black History Month in February

For All those Doodle Empresses and Emperors Out There

Bringing Light to Dark Thoughts

Be Heard: Write Your Letter to the World

For all the Doodle Princessas and Princes Out There

Do You Remember Chasing Fireflies When You Were a Child?

Written Messages You’d Tie on a Tree

Speak to Martin Luther King Jr.

Having Happy Thoughts with Our Beloved Pet(s)

Do You Believe in Magic and Make Believe?

Help Yourself: Find A Hopeful Pep Talk Each Day for 2023 with the Free MakeBeliefs ‘’Pep Talks’’ E-book

Give These Amazing City Monsters A Voice or Identity

The Things You Look Forward to in the Year Ahead