Tell us: Can Happy, an Asian Elephant Also Be Considered A Person?

That was the question before New York’s highest court this week in a case over whether a basic human right can be extended to an animal. The Nonhuman Rights Project says ‘’yes’’ and  wants her moved from a "one-acre prison" at the Bronz zoo where, the group says,  she is illegally detained and to a more spacious sanctuary. The Bronz Zoo, says ‘’no’’ and argues the elephant is neither illegally imprisoned nor a person, but a well-cared-for elephant.   The Project says that in 2005 Happy became the first elephant to pass a self-awareness indicator test, repeatedly touching a white ‘’X’’ on her forehead as she looked into a large mirror.

What do you think? Can An Elephant Also Be Considered A Person?  Does an animal have the same rights as human?

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